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Last February 11,2007 Sunday, boys from the Department of Social Welfare and Development Manila robbed Cool Dela Peña of belongings inside the San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine in Binondo at the Corner of Ongpin and Quintin Paredes Sts. at about five thirty in the afternoon while the mass is about to begin. To his chagrin and disbelief, Dela Peña's green backpack(on picture) was forcibly taken from him while the watching and equally horrorified massgoers on the leftmost pews of the church next to the St. Mark and Black Nazarene images went as puzzled. His green backpack contain his address/phone book, manuscripts from his latest cape, Walk In the Light novel written in personal kanji, approximately three pounds of Monterey skinless morecado longganisa(uncooked sausages), lumpia wrapper shreds and other personal effects including a soiled light blue long sleeved shirt, overused rubber slippers but none of cash. Dela Peña, a licensed electrical engineer by PRC Manila said this is not the first time these abusive thieves masquerading as government agents do this barbaric act to him. " I did not report them the first time since I believe they don't merit a line or two in any educated venue and they ought to be sent to the abbattoirs.", Dela Peña said. He said he have settled for the act on the church temporarily rather than be pulled out from the mass that has already started and forcibly be mounted on their DSWD car, the way they did it the first time at YAKI TORI DORI, an open air bar at Baywalk, Roxas Boulevard beside the US embassy. At worst be detained for days at the DSWD compound they share with VIRLANIE Foundation at the back of Manila City Hall. According to Dela Peña, who is George C. Palaganas in real life and a graduate of Tarlac State University, their alibi for detaining people was there is no available vehicle for those who were held on the process to get them to their homes immediately. " But if you will give them cash while inside the DSWD car, they will let you go, plain extortion side-swiping delicadeza.", Dela Peña said further. PNP men in uniform are present in front of the church with their conspicuous Task Force Bato car at the time of the incident. Reportedly, similar case happened in the past to Girlie Rodis, another writer and reporter which was reported years back in Inday Badiday's EYE TO EYE, and Janno Gibbs, a Filipino actor.
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